What is Word Salad?

Word Salad is a newsletter about a buffet of things: writing, relocating, grieving, questioning, deconstructing, rebuilding. I am a writer, an Enneagram 4, a former farm girl, and an ex-religious person.

I recently emigrated from the U.S. (San Francisco) to Portugal and am figuring out life in a new country, learning to navigate a new culture and speak a new language while also writing a book and freelancing for cash and holding down the home-fort.

Accompanying me on this adventure are my partner of 20+ years (Marido, which is “husband” in Portuguese); my dragon-loving 5th grade daughter (Filha or “daughter” in Portuguese); our middle-aged, empath Boxer dog Vila; and a small, irreverent parrot named FeeBea.

This newsletter is about all of it: the mess and the triumphs, the stress and the dreams, the heartbreak and the quiet moments of joy. If any of that ticks your boxes, subscribe to read along. I’m always happy to have more readers. You can also follow me on Instagram @wordsbyladonna if you’re into the photo life.

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